Particle Trucker Telstar Tornados

April 13th, 2008 by Bob Stuewer

It’s not quite Popcorn by Hot Butter, but a fortunate (lucky) find nonetheless.


Mmmmm….Foot Scrappings.

April 13th, 2008 by hj70ft

The PedEgg

Now with more Foot Stank, you can collect your foot scrappings with a cheese grater for your nastiness.

Chuck Demonstrates the Perfect Hour Truck H41

April 13th, 2008 by hj70ft


What Happens When You Fall Asleep At The Wheel At Trivia HQ

April 12th, 2008 by hj70ft


These go to eleven…

April 11th, 2008 by Bob Stuewer

Just in case you don’t understand where our name comes from, here you go.


Simpsons Theme on two guitars (one guitarist!)

April 10th, 2008 by Sha

Though the Tetris Theme rocks, Truckers always prefer Simpsons related content.

Simpsons on Two Guitars

Jim The Bull

April 10th, 2008 by Bob Stuewer

If you click me, you might find the result amusing.


The future framework of

April 9th, 2008 by Sha

Now that we’ve got a professional mainframe programmer on the team (Hi, Jesus!), we can finally recode this site using real technology.

Cobol on Cogs

Why Can’t I Get Away From Him?

April 8th, 2008 by hj70ft

A google image search for “Beatles Inside Album Art” = this on page 6 of the results.


Washed Up Child Star Sighting…

April 4th, 2008 by Howie

jason.jpgWho am I….and why is the bald headed dude pretending to take a photo of some statue? I miss Winnie…