Jim the bull

The “Jim” Controversy

“In the catastrophe flick The Locusts, what is the name of Evan Pott’s prize winning bull on the feed lot?” Internet and other searches are failing miserably until, with time running out, Trucker Nick Wenos finds a picture of the bull with the name present! It’s Jim! We manage to get our answer in before time runs out. We are all but certain it will be huge points. A few hours later we learn it is a 285-point haul (meaning that only 7 teams got it right!) and Trucker HQ erupts in a frenzy.

Alas, when we learn of our updated score a short time later, it is discovered that we were not given credit for our answer. Under the rules of the contest, protesting is useless for this type of error. If there is any difference in our score and the official score, the Contest and Oz prevail. Days later, the contest ended, we use clandestine methods to acquire a copy of the actual score sheet with our team number on it. Our team number is in the center of the sheet, and is the only one on the sheet not crossed out. The only conclusion we can fathom is that because all the other numbers were crossed out, it probably appeared to the computer input operator that ours was crossed out as well and as a result, we did not get credit for the answer. Of course, had we been given credit for the answer, the value of the question would have dropped from 285 to 250, but this is of little consolation for us.

Interestingly, this 35 point difference could have had an effect on the Top 10. If 10th place team Good Night Irene got the question right, their score should be 35 points less. If 11th place Astro Wolfpack got the question wrong, their score should remain the same. This scenario gives Astro Wolfpack 8520 points and 10th place and moves Good Night Irene down to 11th Place with 8510 points. This would be the only Top 10 “situation” that could develop, but it is significant if true because a top 10 finish is huge in Trivia. Our team certainly agrees that it is probably not significant to deal with hundreds of calls about a 5 or a 10 point question that wasn’t scored properly. However, if a team believes it answers a question with a large point value, but does not get credit for it… some level of checking should into this claim should take place since it is more likely to have an effect on the overall contest. Additionally, we would suggest that some method of double-checking the input of team numbers be done when questions obviously receive only a few correct answers.

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